Blue Lily, Lily Blue // Maggie Stiefvater

(This review is spoiler-FREE, YAY!)

In the 17 hours it’s been since I finished Blue Lily, Lily Blue and I have since determined that I. am. obsessed. with. this. series. These books are just so incredibly unique, so profoundly magical and beautifully written… I just. I can’t. I seriously can’t. I’ve literally been non-stop staring at fanart all day and am being slowly converted into raven boy trash (with absolutely no regrets). Also I want a Camaro. And a raven. And also some raven boys. And possibly a giant cup of tea. (I don’t even like tea.)

But I mean… just…


*heart eyes* PERFECTION. (Image credit to la-haine on redbubble)

To sum up this book in 3 words: SO MANY EMOTIONS. Also: NEXT BOOK PLEASE. (In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this isn’t quite a… review. It’s more like a… let’s fangirl over TRC and Maggie Stiefvater because PERFECTION.)

So, you know when you haven’t read a true 5 star book in a while? Like, you’ve read good books, books you really enjoyed, but you don’t remember what a real 5 star book feels like until you read one. Blue Lily, Lily Blue wAS THAT BOOK. And now there is a hole in my heart that can only be filled by the next book (which I DON’T YET HAVE).

LUCKILY, my mother has been completely awesome and bought me the very last signed copy of TRK at our local bookstore because, well, like I said: she’s awesome. SO THERE’S THAT AMAZINGNESS. And I’m trying not to think about what I’m going to do when TRK’s over… *cries quietly in a dark corner*

The one thing I want to say (literally the only negative thing I have to say about this book), is that like the others, it was a bit confusing at times. But if I’m being honest, it’s probably only because I speed-read this chiz, because (like I said before), IT WAS FANTASTIC. There’s nonstop ACTION and ROMANTIC TENSION and MAGIC and MYSTERY and CAVES and FORESTS and LATIN and WELSH KINGS and HIT MEN and — I’m going to stop myself before this list gets about five years long.

SO, to sum up… 5/5 stars. Because HECK YES.



5 thoughts on “Blue Lily, Lily Blue // Maggie Stiefvater

  1. Tasya says:

    I also really enjoy BLLB! It definitely more fast paced than The Dream Thief, and more action! I’m also confused while reading this book like “what the heck it’s been 3 books but I’m still confused” but I think it’s mainly because I speed reading this series xD I have been putting off TRK for so long and I really need to read it but… I don’t want this series to end! *sobs*


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