★ Pokemon Go Book Tag ★

This incredibly original and creative booktag was created by the one and only Aentee, one of the coolest people ever.

To be honest: Of course I play Pokemon Go (who doesn’t?). Buuuut… I kind of know absolutely nothing about Pokemon. Like, at all. Pokemon wasn’t something I grew up with, so not only am I unfamiliar with the Pokemon, but I have no idea how to actually play the game. Don’t hate me… I’m learning! And when I was tagged to do this crazily cool booktag, you bet your buttons I had to give it a go. Maybe I’ll learn a little bit in the process, eh?

I’m just going to continue by assuming that everyone knows what Pokemon Go is by now (really, if you don’t, have you been living under a rock?).  Oh, and I am totally and unapologetically using Aentee’s graphics because why mess with something that’s already perfect? (Hey, don’t look at me like that… she gave me permission.)



When I first got the game, I went straight for that big green guy (Bulbasour, I believe?). I have absolutely no idea what he does, but he’s cute, yeah? I suppose you could say he was the first step that made me fall in love with hunting Pokemon. ❤

There are so many books I could choose as books that started my love for reading, I can’t decide upon just one. Of course Harry Potter always makes me fall in love all over again, but before I ever discovered Harry Potter was a thing, there were countless little chapter books like Junie B. Jones, The Magic Tree House, and The Secrets of Droon. And let’s not forget about my first fangirl addiction: Divergent. I will forever hold that book in my heart for starting my Instagram addiction.


Hey, funny story… I have yet to catch a Pikachu, although I have spotted one. The nasty little bugger slipped right out of my grasp, though. *sigh*

My answer to this prompt is horribly generic and unoriginal, but I can’t not say Harry Potter. The thing that always drags me back to this series is that I can pick up any book in any place and feel completely at home, and I’ll always love coming back to Harry’s world. (side note: who’s hyped for the Cursed Child script book??? I KNOW I AM.)


The first time I spotted this Pokemon, I jumped on it. It just looks so cool?? But now that I see them everywhere I go, I regret wasting so many Pokeballs on it.

For me, the book equivalent of a Zubat would have to be Glass Sword. Everyone raves about Red Queen, but I honestly just disliked it. (See my review here.) Not to mention that every bookstagrammer and booktuber seems to own a copy… all of the craze and the hype pushes me away from wanting to read more.


(I’ve never seen this little dude… But his blobbiness is adorable.)

This is an interesting question. After some consideration… I’m going to say A Court of Mist and Fury. BEFORE YOU HATE ME: ACOMAF is probably my favorite book of 2016 so far (or, it’s at least very high on the list). But I can’t help but compare it to the Throne of Glass series at times?? First you’ve got the evil, otherworldly magic source. Then, you’ve got the huge, hulking male Fae who is hot af. I understand the same author wrote these two books, but I find the parallels amusing, and the fact that people don’t really care about them a testament to how amazing she is at doing her job.


Is it cool with you guys if I give up trying to come up with little anecdotes for these Pokemon? Because-let’s be honest here-I don’t know what half of them are. Oops?

There are SO MANY of these. The biggest on my list and probably highest on my tbr would have to be The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfus. The first book doesn’t seem too daunting in page number, but the amount of words squeezed onto each page… I’m pretty sure that its size is equivalent to three YA contemporary novels. Not to mention the fact that the second book has close to 1000 pages!!

pokemon-tag06-gengarFirst off, this Pokemon is CREEPY. I’m glad I’ve never encountered him. And secondly… I tend to steer clear of thrillers/horror novels precisely because I know they’l  keep my up at night. The closest I’ve gotten was probably Illuminae (which was GREAT, see my review here) or Alive by Scott Sigler. Man, those books were freaky.


Awwww. (Excuse me while I take a short break to hunt down these two because they’re flipping adorable).

The immediate part of my brain wants to say Fourtris, but thinking further on it… FEYRHYS FOREVER. (Or is it Feysand?) *heart eyes* I am just absolutely in love with Rhysand and his dynamic with Feyre, and I don’t believe there could be a more perfect OTP.


If you haven’t read This Savage Song, please do so immediately. That sh*t was amazing.


Nothing immediately comes to mind in response to this prompt, but I do, however, know a book I am tired of seeing spinoffs for… (I’m looking at you, Cassandra Clare).


After my last answer, this may seem a bit contradictory… but I actually found that I really enjoyed Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I wouldn’t say that it was awesome, but it was quite a surprise after the slight disappointment that was The Mortal Instruments series. I think her writing style could be improved, but I enjoyed the world adn the atmosphere she wove throughout this book.


Oh gosh, SO MANY. At the top of my list would be Six of Crows, because man oh man, people cannot stop raving about it. I have super high hopes because it sounds EPIC, so hopefully it won’t disappoint.


Every. Single. One. of those absolutely gorgeous Harry Potter editions. From the originals to the countless spine murals, I want them all. If only my wallet would stop crying…


I actually hatched my first Poke-egg the other day (YAY). An adorable little Geodude popped out. 🙂

As for a debut novel I’m excited for… Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda isn’t a recent release, but it’s a recent acquisition of mine and I have seen nothing but great things about it. I know it’ll be a quick, adorable read, and I can’t wait to get into it over the rest of the summer.


Over my year or so of bookstagramming, I’ve found quite a few authors that I always come back to. My first and forever auto-buy author is 100% Marissa Meyer. I loved the Lunar Chronicles before I even knew bookstagram existed. And as well as Marissa Meyer, I will completely and unapologetically read anything that Sarah J. Maas writes.


Going back to Marissa Meyer, I feel like I have been waiting on her new Alice In Wonderland retelling, Heartless, for FOREVER. I can’t wait to get my hands on this new series of hers because her books just give me the best feeling. Fantastic characters, fantastic plot, fantastic everything.


People who should do this kick-butt tag:

Logan (because this girl is obsessed – loganashleyleduc.com)

Fiderly (also has an obsession – readsleepblog.wordpress.com)

Ali (who I haven’t really talked to – but I admire her blog from afar 🙂 – arcticbooks.wordpress.com)

Jill (abooknerdreads.wordpress.com)

Sam (noplacelikebooks.wordpress.com)

And anyone or everyone who would like to do this tag. ❤


Thank you all for reading! I had a lot of fun with this tag, and I hope you enjoyed. Now tell me: Do you have Pokemon Go? What team are you on? What level? What’s your one true Pokemon love?

xoxo, Anna


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