The Woes of a Bookworm: The Difficulties of Bookshopping

You know those times when you just don’t know which book to buy? And not because you’re not sure what to read, but because you just have too many books you want to read?


It happens to me pretty much every time I go to the bookstore: that stressful moment when you just can’t seem to make a decision. So I thought it would be helpful to create a guide of sorts: (keep in mind this may not be right for you – I’m just speaking from personal experiences)

  1. Consider what you want to read after the book you’re currently reading. If you buy it knowing when you’ll read it, you definitely won’t regret buying it.
  2. That said, a lot of times when I go to the bookstore, I’ll impulse buy a book with a pretty cover or an interesting synopsis that really suits my mood at the moment, but when I go home I just put it on my shelf and forget about it. Unless you’re going to read that book right after you buy it, stay away from impulse buys!
  3. think about anything that may be happening in your life soon. If summer’s coming up, try a contemporary you’re interested in or something you know you’d love to read on the beach. If you know you’re going to have a long weekend or school break, go for a book you know you’ll want to be totally engrossed in.
  4. don’t do that “I’ll buy this for when I want to read a _____ novel.” Yeah, you’ll never want to read that book. If you’re tbr is as long as mine, save yourself the trouble of buying another book you don’t actually care about.
  5. think about if this is a book you would buy if you went to the bookstore a month from now, or if it’s a book you would read again. (I mean, obviously, you don’t know if you’ll like it or not, but usually you can tell if it’s going to be a book that you read once and then hide at the bottom of your shelves.)

The gist of it: buy what you can see yourself actually reading and having a genuine interest in.

Congratulations! Now you can leave the bookstore knowing you’ve done something right in the world.